ZCM 10.3.3, eDir user source, Windows XP SP3, Novell Client 32 installed.
Few times I have had a little problem with user to login using DLU policy. In ZCM is DLU policy set for user ok, user does have a account on device (not logged in for a long period), passwords different in eDir and device. User does login and is ok authenticated against eDir, but then popup Windows WS login prompt and ... that's it. User does not remember old device password and is not able to login. In DLU policy conf is set "Manage existing user account (if any)". I tried refresh a device, deleted cache ... nothing helps. Finally I changed password in eDir and set same in device and ... voila, seems to be ok. Same user on another device ... no problem with login.
Anything I missed to setup?
Almost same problem I have seen in computer classes devices where is DLU volatile users and accounts is not kept on device. Student tries on one device (also WXP SP3) and same Windows WS prompt appear and student is not able to login. When he does sit behind another (very-very similar) device ... login ok. Another user (from same user source) sit behind first user failed device and has no problem with login.
Yeah, don't have any debug logs, because can't reproduce the issue.
Any ideas? Probably I missed something.
More thanks, Alar.