We are using new HP NC4010 and NC8000 laptops with the built-in HP WLAN
802.11 a/b/g W500 Wireless NIC. We have the Novell 4.90 SP1 client
installed, along with the Bordermanager VPN Client 3.8.9 installed. The
systems have the latest BIOS, the latest driver for the NIC from HP (ver, the latest Atheros Client provided by HP (ver

Our experience has been this....

When running Bordermanager VPN client 3.7 w/any Atheros Client version -->
No Problems (This is an unacceptable workaround as we are moving to a
Bordermanager 3.8 VPN server and need the client of the same version)

When running Atheros Client Utility 2.00a with any Bordermanager VPN
client version --> No Problems seemingly because the 2.00a client does not
run as a service. (This is an unacceptable workaround as we need the
ability to use WPA-PSK for our wireless security)

When running the Atheros Client Utility ver 3+ in conjunction with the
Bordermanager VPN Client ver 3.8+, we are unable to connect to any
networks via the wireless network interface. However, if we uncheck the
Novell Virtual Private Network service from within the W500 Network
Properties screen we are then able to connect to the netwok.


1. In some cases, the Atheros Configuration Service (acs.exe) starts using
more and more system memory until it peaks at almost 400MB. This begins
growing after unchecking the Novell Virtual Private Network service.

2. The wireless client utility bar chart (signal strength) goes gray and
despite repeatedly attempting to enable/disable the radio, the Atheros
client never seems to recognize that the radio is on, and therefore does
not apply/activate the configured profile settings.

HP has said that this is a third-party issue and has refused to provide
assistance other than suggesting I contact Atheros and/or Novell.

Atheros does not offer support, and refers us back to the OEM....HP.

Any and all feedback will be GREATLY appreciated.