I want to split off about 40 or 50 users out of my 2 main post offices onto a third post office. Right now I'm 8.0.2 HP3 on NetWare. I want to create a post office on SLES 11 SP1, running 8.0.2 HP3. I'm finding most of the documentation and guides involve migrating entire post offices from NetWare to linux. I'm looking at temporarily running a linux post office in addition to my other 2 NetWare post offices.

I should be able to install the post office on SLES 11 in addition to ConsoleOne and a SDD and be good right? Then I could just do a regular GroupWise user move of a few users at a time to this new post office?

I'd like to run like this for a couple months to test before I migrate an entire PO off NetWare to linux.