Recently the agent on new build behavior has changed for us on Windows 7 machines. We use MS SCCM to deploy our images, the agent gets deployed with it.

Up until now, once the image task sequence had finished, the machine could be logged in and the ZENworks window would pop up straight away with everything ready to go. Now at the first login nothing happens. If you leave it alone after a few minutes the message "The ZENworks Adaptive agent is successfully installed. Click ok to immediately reboot the device..." pops up. After the reboot the window still doesn't open. Again after waiting a few minutes the message "ZENworks system change - you must restart you computer before the new settings will take effect" After this reboot it is fine most of the time. Sometimes you need to manually refresh the agent be fore it works.

This behavior is not a deal breaker but I'd much prefer if it work the way it used to.