Hi all,

After upgrade from 10.3.1 to 11.1a:

I'm still a bit confused about how to use the extra feature "Location Awareness", read all available documentation (not much ther so far about design), found a nice video about it too, did some tests by myself...and still got some questions (ideas...anything):

- The doc and some articles say: For closest server rules - use locations. Said with context of ZCM
- The doc has en example: If you have an "Office Tokio" and "Office New York" (network environements) you can make a Location "Office" to apply the same security. Thats in ZESM context...., we don't use it but it's confusing - applying closest server rules wouldn't make much sense there... but as far as I know the Location is unique (e.g. will be resolved to a unique one by the agent)

So - what I think about it right now:

- I do not need (better: it's of no use) to define server rules for locations
- I can define server rules at network environment level
- I would like to put all internal network environments (they already exist) into a single location like "Office internal", I would end up in 3 locations like: "internal" (all inside our LAN/WAN), "somewhere" (like at home) and "anotheroffice" (another network where mobile users may have to work).
The goal is being able to use the Location Awareness with benefit...ATM I have to define IP requirements for all apps (either "dirty ranged" or incomplete) but I would like to use Location instead.

My test machine belongs to a location based on a network environment with a single IP:

- the location has no servers defined at all
- the special network environment got 2 servers defined (just a local satellite and a primary) and default role disabled
- the agents reports the 2 servers defined in this environment

So far....but...the agent belongs to another environement too (the default environment for this location - network mask) - what happens?
Are those rules additive? (I'm going to do some more tests...)

Any suggestions , hints, hidden facts?

Thanks in advance