Just updated to 1.1a on server side but am having problems rolling out to imported workstations.
Some background:
Original 11.0 install of agent to XP ws was causing problems with Zesservice.exe so I created a bundle to kill and delete that service.
Updated to 2a when it came out and used the included batch to update the patched msi,s which for the most part worked.
Since install of 1.1a I tryed deploying system updates but it fails on xp vm's "can not stop identity store" that have either setup (full install or no zesservice.exe)

I would like to deploy the new agents to eliminate the slow login issue (it is much improved by the way, Thanks!) but not by touching every machine. Is there a way to script the cleanup tool to remove zcm and casa local but leave the machines registered so that I can run the new PreAgentPkg_AgentCompleteDotNetx64.exe from login script?

Thanks in advance