The host is SLES 10 SP3. I have Windows VM's and have had an OES 2 VM running fine on this host. I installed an openSuSE 11.4 instance and it is neither alive nor dead. I was initially unable to install, getting disk partitioning warnings and no boot loader install. I found a note in another forum suggesting that openSuSE would not install paravirtualized, but must be installed Fully Virtualized. So I did this.

I allowed the default partitioning scheme and after install the VM appeared to boot up fine. The performance was terrible in the default Virtual Machine Manager shell. I worked for quite a while to try to configure remote access and ssh before giving up. When I manage to get enough control of the VM I am able to reboot it, but it never actually unloads. I cannot unload it. I cannot destroy it. I cannot troubleshoot it.

I guess my question here is, am I going to have to reboot the host or unload qemu to get this thing purged? I have a production VM running and would have to take either of these actions after hours. Unless you know a trick to get this VM otta here?

Schrodinger's VM.avi - YouTube