We have 3 SLES servers (OES2sp3), Master replica on SLES, RW replica on each server, 1 Netware 6.5sp8 server. Various eDir versions 8.8.5 (NDS 20219.15 on NW)

I recently removed a RW replica from the Netware server using Console1.

What happened was that users could not map drives or access that server, until I added a RW replica back.

As far as I understood it, it was not necessary to have replicas on all file servers to access files on all those servers. Am I missing something (like, do you need at least one NETWARE replica to allow access to Netware-based file and print services?)

I was able to login and access the server OK, but I'm not sure whether it was due to being Admin or because most workstations have a Zenworks agent installed and mine don't.

There's precious little left on the NW server, but just enough that I can't fully leave for all SLES.

TIA for any ideas.