I'm moving our entire GroupWise system into virtual machines, in addition to upgrading components from GW 7.0.3 to 8.0.2 HP3, and migrating from NetWare to linux, SLES 11 SP1.

I built a new SLES 11 SP1 post office on Friday and it seems to be running fine with my NetWare MTA and POA's. I moved my account to it this morning and it's working well.

My question is, since GW is a 32-bit app running on 64-bit linux, what kind of hardware should I assign? I don't want to waste resources if GroupWise isn't going to benefit. I figure if GroupWise is running on linux, then it will benefit from multiple CPU's, which is added performance over my NetWare GW servers. What about RAM? Does it do me any good to provide more than 4 GB of RAM to linux GroupWise servers if the app is only 32-bit? I gave this new post office server 8 GB of RAM, is that a waste?

The only thing each of my linux GW servers will do is a specific GW component. Over the years, we found it was a more stable environment to place each component on a separate server to keep from having multiple failures in event of an abend. Or if you need to reboot your GWIA, you're not having to kick users off to reboot at noon. But moving to linux, hopefully will lessen the need for OS reboots, and maybe down the road I can look at consolidating multiple GW services on less servers.