We need to have RIP enabled across our IKE S2S VPN Tunnel.

BM38 seems to still only support RIP1 which is a real pain in it self.

2 questions :

1) Is there a way to stop BM38/NetWare from propergating the Public
Interface across the VPTUNNEL when RIP is enabled across the VPTUNNEL?
We find this to be a real problem because a Public IP '' ends
up as as the RIP1 learned route across the VPTUNNEL at the slave
end. This specifically causes problems when C2S users try to connect to
the slave if their ISP issues a 83.x.x.x address.

2) Is there a way to stop NetWare 6.5 automatically
propergating static routes via RIP, for example, Cisco
routers only propergate static routes if you issue
the 'redistribute static' command?

Thanks in advance...