I have set-up and configured quite a number of BM38 servers but this
problem has really got me puzzled :

Server config is as follows :

NetWare 6.5 SP3
BorderManager 3.8 SP3

Private IP :
Public IP : 83.x.x.x

I have setup BM38 C2S many times and I thought I knew most of the issues.

Created a simple C2S with the following :

C2S IP Pool : -

Traffic rule 1 : "10.x.x.x" - All users, Encrypt,
Any protocol
Traffic rule 2 : "DoNotEncryptLocalIP" : All users, Don't Encrypt, Any

Authentication rule : NMAS Logged (for all users re SP3 bug)
DNS / SLP : Nothing configured here

When connecting via a 3.8.9 VPN Client, it connects fine but you can't Ping
any IPs on the private range, including I have disabled NAT
completely but still no luck. Unloading the filters also has no effect. I
have also deleted the whole VPN config several times with no luck?

I have also checked routes in TCPCON and everything looks fine?

Any ideas???