We have a weird problem with the latest build of Datasync (.579) -->

We have set datasync to sync users from one group in eDir to groupwise and mobile connectors. This has been working fine from the first public release of datasync to this date. Users have been reporting some weird problems and while trying to sort those out, we found that for some reason there are more users in groupwise connector than there are in mobile connector (and in eDir group). After a little bit of testing, we found out that users are syncing randomly ar not at all to groupwise connector.

There are 203 users on eDir group, 205 users on mobile connector and 224 users on groupwise connector. Users can be manually deleted from gw connector, but even if it looks like users are deleted, they seem to be popping back in occationally (this happens on both connectors, but mostly with gw connector). We have no idea where and why this happens. LDAP groups (eDir) are the same in both connectors and it looks like mobile connector reacts a little better to changes in eDir group. LDAP group polling interval is set to 300 seconds.

Any advice what to do and/or how to fix this?

I'm thinking about creating a new group that contains same users, then removing the old group and finally adding new group to datasync. Although this might create some new problems...