BM3.8, SP3, NW6.5, SP3, BM3.8SP3-IR1 installed.
i need to make authentication rules and traffic rules based on specified
users. A few months ago i found it ONLY works wit "all users" allowed in
both rule-sets.

The Problem is KNOWN as of TID10096693 (last modified 28APR2005) and there
was another older TID (Feb/05) stating it was under investigation.

I was happy to find that the problem should be resolved with AUTHGW.NLM,
version 6.01.17, dated 03-16-2005, included in bm38sp3_ir1.exe.
But it simply doesnt seem to be!

I have double-checked it on two totally different BM-Systems, i have applied
the latest patches for NMAS (eDir but i have no chance.

When i do certificate-based authentication it works for specified users.

help or even "beta-code" appreciated.

kind regards

Gerd Zobel
The NetWorker GmbH