We are just in a migration from nbm 3.7 to 3.8 and need therefor a procedure
for the automatic deinstallation of the 3.7 vpn client to install the 3.8.9

We installed it using a response file. That worked fine, but now we have a
problem with the deinstallation. We tried to do this with the install shield
on our win2000 prof workstations and were successfully when there is no
active vpn connection. This means when the emplyee is in the office at the
lan connected it works.
If the emplyee is at home with a active vpn connection we distribute the new
3.8.9 to a different directory, want to start the deinstallation, after that
install the new one and reboot the machine. So except this short time there
is no large time frame where the exmployee cannot work. When we do this we
get a error that something is missing in the respone file.

As the install shield also only calls the setup.exe from the vpn client, we
used it to create a response file for the deinstallaltion. Next time we use
for deinstallation this we get the error in the log file.

Did anybody run a automatic deinstallation when there was a active vpn
connection to upgrade the client or how did you do this ?

Any advice would be great!