I have installed my first OES Linux server and seemed to complete the install without error. However, when I go in to iManager --> Roles and Tasks --> Storage --> Devices --> browse to my server I then get the message Error: This user does not have the correct credentials to authenticate to the CIMOM client. I go through TID#7002981 Troubleshooting Linux User Management - Step by Step. The results of each step follow.

1. No SuSe-release command, but rest is OK

2. Everything looked OK to me.

3. Seems to be installed.

4. Seems OK to me

5. They're the same

6.1 UNIX Config and UNIX Workstation - myhost are both in o=myorg
6.2 Server object myhost is in o=myorg

7.1 Context is there and correct
7.2 Groups admingroup.myorg, novlxtier.myorg and www.myorg are listed with access to LUM-enabled Services. When I go to the LUM Enabled Services tab, nothing is listed! I used the wizard to reconfigure LUM but it made no difference.

8. Changed preferred LDAP server from myhostIP to MasterReplicaIP and rebooted. Nothing changed.

9. Used an LDAP browser to access the MasterReplicaServer on both 389 and 636

10. I re-imported the certificate. CONFIG_LDAP_ADMIN_CONTEXT=admin-fdn="cn=admin,o=myorg". There were no proxy-user entries in nam.conf. CONFIG_LUM_PROXY_USER="cn=admin,o=myorg"

11. Has entries that read: passwd: compat nam and group: compat nam

12. What file are they talking about? I skipped this step because I can't make any sense out of it.

13. I didn't see any failures in boot.msg. nam.log has entries of the form
[LDAP 0xhexstring]: initAuthConn: Error: Invalid credentials values:host(masterReplicaIP),port(389),sslport(636 ),admin(cn=admin,o=myorg)
I didn't see any errors in the messages file

14. eDir is loaded, OpenWEBEM is running, NameServiceCacheDaemon is running, NAMCD daemon is running. When I check the status, I seem to have to leave the leading rc off to get a response. Ie,
rcnscd status ==> running
chkconfig rcnscd -l ==> unknown service
chkconfig nscd =l ==> 0:off 1:off 2:off 3:on 4:off 5:on 6:off

15. User ID=0, Primary GroupID=600, org object: o=myorg
namuserlist lists the admin user
id admin ==> No such user

Can anyone help me resolve this? I am desperate for help. If I should be in a different forum, please direct me there. Thanks.