I have a nw65sp3 server with 2 network cards. On of them private, other one
is public :)
I have DSL connection and a Netgear 614v3 dsl-router. My servers public
card connected to the router. There is a 10.x.x.x "C" subnet.
I have BM3.8 with sp3 and with ir_1.
If I connect a computer to the router (10.x.x.x), I can login VIA VPN.
If I try it from the Internet (through router) I can't login. It stops on
the "Negotiating and authenticating".
I use port forward on the router. I forwarded the port 353, 500, 4500, 50
to the netware server. It sould be enough.
But I have one problem. I can't select UDP on the router setup. I can only
config port X. Does it mean that it forwards the both 353 tcp and 353 udp
when I selected the port 353, or it forwards only tcp ports?

Should I buy a better router for that task?