Hi All
I need some help with ZRS, this is the first time I've tried it on 2003 sp2 x86 as I'm trying to write install instructions for an on site tech. My primarys are both on vmware and when ZRS failed the first time I upgraded to 10.3.3 and on the secondary server I applied the report-framework.jar, just in case. I got the ZRS install failed after restarting the services, the debug log, says try the configure -c installboe, I tried that and got nothing, it's said press enter to accept default stuff, press enter, immediately back to command line. Installboe.log has nothing. I read the docs about configuring the reports services, go to Programs/Zen Reporting Server and it's empty, this is the 4th time it's like this. Primaries are communicating, login is good during setup, memory is good, no errors during gui pre req check. Netstat shows the 6400 port not allocated or any 64xx ports. I downloaded a new ZRS win iso.
Normally I would run sles, but the site is using 2008 r2 for primaries and want a 2003 for ZRS as that's supported, they want it running as they've paid for asset management and don't know when they can upgrade to 11sp1a.Any help you can give, would be great, as it's getting more than a little tedious and I'm chasing my own tail with the web searches, every different error I come across I search on and nothing distinct to this. Even if I could find something on way the start menu, zrs is empty would be a start.