Hi everyone,

The situation:

Netware 6.5 SP8 box (R/W replica but not the master) needed to be replaced. Set up a SLES10 OES2 Netware server and installed the server into the tree, designating it as a R/W replica as well.
Mounted an NSS Vol1 and backup software. Restored data and trustees from Vol1 on the old server to Vol1 on the new server. LUM enabled the group everyone. Changed drive mappings in login script to point to the new Vol1 on the new server.

Side Note: This is the same process I used before with the only difference being that in the past the new server was also Netware 6.5 SP8 and not OES. In neither case did we choose to use migration because we were changing the server names as well and found this process made the most sense.

Currently we have users connecting with Windows XP SP3 (already disabled the IEEE authentication) and Windows 7, using client 4.91 SP5 and Windows 7 2.0 SP2 respectively.

SOME users have no issues mapping to the new server while others can not get their drive mapping via the login script. Of those users that have issues getting their drive mapping, all of them have no problems when logging on to a different (known working) machine.

Here is the login script: (commented out items are the old server)
Map P:=Ulster-Student\Sys:\
;Map P:=Ulster_RCC5\Sys:\

Map Q:=Ulster-Student\Vol1:\
;Map Q:=Ulster_RCC5\Vol1:\

I have verified that SLP is functional. Display SLP Services on any of the Netware boxes shows all servers in our Tree. I have ensured that SLP information is being given out via DHCP.

using slpinfo /all shows the proper information

browsing the network also allows you to walk the tree and manually map to the new server without error. We can even make the connections persistent, which solves the issue for that user (at least temporarily) without fixing the cause of the problem.

I am working with a team that would like to use this set of workstation related (in my mind) failures on OES2. They actually WANT to do this process over and use Netware again (/sigh).

PLEASE HELP ME FIGURE THIS OUT! I am pretty sure this isn't slp related but I could be wrong. The problem is consistent on the machines affected. We have another server, accessed by a lot more users, to do soon and I really don't want to keep loading Netware due to stupid stuff like this.

If you would like me to post information, please be kind enough to list the command I need to generate the info. I am still new to OES2.