I have an sles10 sp3 OES2 sp3 server that in the early hours of the morning runs the sys volume out of space. It has done this twice(about a month since the last time it happened). I can't seem to find a log file that tells me what has happened.

I arrived this morning to a netware announce msg on my workstation saying that around 2:48 am sys volume was almost out of space and only had 63mb left. When this happens, you can't ssh or vnc into the box, its completely taxed. My coworker rebooted the server from the console and now the server is fine again.

When we look at netware properties on the server, it shows that sys is 10gb in size and 6gb is used. but when we browse it, we only see three directories... login, public and the hidden ._netware directory. Those 3 directories only amount to 415mb. Where's the other 6.5gb?

It seems as if there's something that runs monthly that causes the server to do this... and I have no clue what it is. We have dhcp, netstorage, evms nss volumes running on it... and that's about it.

I see there's some patches that need to be installed. I suppose i can try to load those first and wait a month to see if it happens again. I figured I would see if anyone on here might have an idea on what is causing this to happen.