I have searched and read and searched and read trying to find a way to manage our GroupWsie 8.02 on Netware system using ConsoleOne. I have followed every bit of advice I have found and I still get "unable to properly access domain database" errors every time I fire up ConsoleOne on Windows 7. I enable file caching on the client and ConsoleOne says don't do it, so I disable caching and enable commit and it gives me the same "unable to properly access..." error. I have inserted an extra backslash in the UNC path, I have disabled level 2 oplocks. I installed the version of ConsoleOne that comes on the GW8 SP2 cd along with all the plugins, still no success. I could go on about Novell providing adequate tools..., but I've read enough similar posts to know that it's pointless. If anyone has a new angle or a unique suggestion that has worked for you, please post it. Anything that will help is greatly appreciated.