I ran the patches that zmd was telling me to install, which included a kernel update that required a reboot. After reboot my dhcp server will not start. It says that there is no service associated with the dhcp server. If I look at the dns/dhcp console, all my settings are still there, everything is associated and is exactly how i left it prior to the patches.

I've read around a bit and some say to check settings in iManager. I have a few of these sles 10 sp3/oes2 sp3 boxes on my network, and checking imanager on any one of them shows different results when viewing DHCP linux settings.

On the server in question, if i look at its iManager, it shows nothing. there's no services listed and no dhcp servers listed. If I look at the server which i have my dns/dhcp console connected to via LDAP, i can see most of the settings but not all. It sounds like LDAP isn't sync'ing across all the servers.

Any help would be much appreciated. I've canned the LDAP based dhcp and gone back to the config which doesn't utilize LDAP and just takes settings from yast, but I can't run this way because my PXE boots for ZEN11 eats up most of my DHCP pool and I start running out of addresses because each workstation takes two addresses.

Please help!!!!