We have been using ZCM 10.1 and Windows 7 for a while now and never had any issues with SIDchanger ( used by default ) without having to use sysprep. Now we are moving to a new image based on Windows 7 SP1 so I updated ZCM to 10.3.3 only to discover I can not use any local user accounts ( including local admin account ) due to SID change. While it logs you in Ok on a cloned machine it logs you off straigt away automatically ( logging in when booted in Safe mode works, as well as using local user accounts created after imaging ). Adding restoremask.xml to C: solves the problem. I havent tried sysprep yet which will probably work.

What I am wondering now is how bad would that be leaving SID unchanged. I have done a bit of reading ( inc. the Machine SID Duplication Myth by Mark Russinovich and Symantec TID re Ghost walker ) and not quite convinced it is a bad option. I have only done a bit of testing on a system with an unchanged SID and am yet to come across any issues.

So I guess my question is mainly Windows 7 related not so much ZCM however I have only faced it now after about two years of using both so go figure.