When I installed my ZCM server (then version 10), I installed it using a non-standard port (88, 883). Since then, I have wished I never did. I now have new hardware with Sles 11 installed that I want to move my primary server to. I installed SLES 11, installed ZCM 11.1, and added it to the existing zone. This was the advice of the engineers at Brainshare. When ZCM 11.1 installed into the existing zone, it automatically installed the server using the same port numbers as the old server. I do not want this. How do I change the port numbers in use in ZCM? I have looked through the documentation, but there is no option to do this. There are no TIDs either. I opened an SR with Novell, and I was told by the support rep that you cannot change the port of the primary server.

Do I have to uninstall ZCM on the new server and install a new zone, then somehow move all my data, or can I change the port on the new server?