WS=XP_SP3+NWclient+ZCM10.3.3 agent
Server with ZCM: 10.3.3
Use ONLY eDir(without AD).

01UserRightsDLU (for create users as mambers groups "Users" and apply rights to the d:\users and d:\temp )
01FolderRedirectionLOCALGPO (for redirect Desktop and My Documents to the d:\users\%USERNAME%)
01deviceXPgpo ( for disable quoting )

This is 3 policyes a mambers of PolicyGroup UsersCmnGrpPol01 :
+ 01DeviceXPgpo
+ 01UsersRghtsDLU
+ 01FolderRedirectionLOCALGPO

PolicyGroup "UsersCmnGrpPol01" assigned to the WorkStationGroup: "GoodWorkstation"
WS "XPKAP007" a mamber group "GoodWorksation".

Refresh zcmagent in the XPKAP007 , reboot, log in to the NW client as "U1" (tets user)
1) In the ZCMAgent i see that:
01DeviceXPgpo Apply Success
01UsersRghtsDLU Apply Success
01FolderRedirectionLOCAL Apply Success

2) In the folder d:\Users i see:
d:\users\u1 with Desktop and My Documents

This is OK.
After this wait 60 min and:
1) open https://zcmserver
2) go to the xpkap007 workstation device
3) In the "Summary" | "Mesage log" - Empt (All OK !)
4) In the "RelationShips" | "Asinged Policies" | "Inherited" i see:
01DeviceXPgpo (Windows Group Policy ) "Deployment Status" = "Success" (Green)
01UsersRightsDLU (Dynamic Local User Policy) "Deployment Status" = "Unknown" (white) <----- ???????
01FolderRedirectionLOCALGPO (Windows Group Policy ) "Deployment Status" = "Unknown" (white) <-----????

Why Status = "Unknown" if in the XP WorkStation i see that Policyes was applyed ???