we would like extend the BM3.8 setup at the customer site, He is
using C2S VPN already and wants to get rid of leased lines from the
main site to the remote sites as well, so he wants to use additional
BM Serevrs on the remote sites for S2S VPN.

There seems to be one problem: Some Users are doing already C2S VPN to
the main site (syncing data to a host), and they must also connect to
the remote site as well (GW 6.5). Right now, this works via VPN and
the leased lines, but when BM is running on all 3 sites, this is not
possible anymore - they would need to connect via C2S to 2 diiferent
sites now - this seems very odd to me.

Is ther any way to do it better?

Jürgen Blessing