After waiting a very very long time for a novell vpn client for linux, I'll
try it with the openswan one. I'm not sure if there ever will be one from
novell. Even some system engineers told me that they are using one but that
wasn't and still is not available for public.

I setup my user for certificate mode and could connect with it from a
win2000 workstation using vpn client 3.8.9. so settings should be okay.

Now I tried it on a suse 9.3 prof. wkst and setup the ipsec.conf file and
the ipsec.secrets but I get errors connecting to the nbm server. I took some
parts of the configuration from the app note "VPN FreeS/WAN Configuration
Guide with NBM 3.8 Server" and changed the lines showing me an error when
starting ipsec.

Did anybody this and can provide me with a ipsec.conf file for nbm38 connect
using certificates ?

Any advice qould be great!