we've got problems with our Nokia E52 / E71 devices. Syncing is not successfull.
The log on the phone shows some errors. Syncing Android Phones is working.

Installing a beta update for the Nokia Mail Client doesn't change anything. The
devices were "re-setted" by cold start, thus there are no "items" on the phone.

The device-profiles have been deleted and "re-initialised" on the server.

Any ideas? Andreas

log file of the phone:

24.10.2011 10:53:07 PeakTime active
24.10.2011 10:54:04 Setting OFFLINE Status to True
24.10.2011 10:54:09 PeakTime active
24.10.2011 10:54:09 Setting OFFLINE Status to False
24.10.2011 10:54:09 PeakTime active
24.10.2011 10:54:12 Connected to connection method named T-Mobile Internet with type Packet Data
24.10.2011 10:54:15 folder sync error = -20
24.10.2011 10:54:15 clearing device entries for initial sync
24.10.2011 10:54:15 start E-mail sync
24.10.2011 10:54:16 status from server indicates item was not found on server
24.10.2011 10:54:16 Nothing to sync
24.10.2011 10:54:16 end Email sync
24.10.2011 10:54:16 Mail For Exchange Error -15006