I am trying to migrate our primary NetWare 6.5 w/SP8 file server to VMware. One of the NSS volumes on the source server is nearly 2 TB in size with ~60 GB free. During the migration, that volume on the source server filled up to 100%, however, the migration continued to run (over the weekend), so it wasn't a big deal. However, at ~95% completed, the Migration Utility crashed on my computer (some Visual C++ error) and closed. Now, the volume on the source server is still at 100% usage, and I can't seem to "clean it" up. My questions are:

#1) Is the Migration Utility using source server disk space to "cache" the files it is going to copy? If so, can I stop it from doing that?
#2) What must I do to reclaim that free space on the source server?

Thank you.