I'm having the same problem as others, can authenticate to server but can't ping any host on private network. Followed instructions per Craig Johnson's book. Have updated to BMsp3, updated to latest tcpip, have updated VPN client. Client connects, but no encrypted traffic is sent from server, only encrypted traffic is coming from client, according to client stats. I've unloaded IPFLT to see if the filtering is the problem, but still no luck.

The only errors in the logs are the following:

Proposal Mismatch - Quick Mode : ESP - transform mismatch mine : esp 3des his : esp des dst: 68.193.xxx.yyy src: 68.165.xxx.yyy cookies my-his :96499E0C4FD183FE - 4AB5E77C9EBCC6BA
(I've replaced the last two octets with xxx and yyy to protect the innocent) (Error occurs upon VPN client connection)

Send update cfg to 1 for type of mask = 7, typeofcfg = 1
Send update cfg to 2 for type of mask = 31, typeofcfg = 1
(Errors occur during VPN startup)

Anyone know what they mean? Novell KB not helpful.

All help is welcome.

Richard Johnson