I am still a little lost on my VPN config.
I have a firewall infront of my BM server. The BM server now has 2 NICs
(a suggestion from an earlier post). I can dial up to the BM server from
outside. I authenticate, the server sends the network parameters.
Everything seems ok but there is no communication to the network.

The BM tools in NWADMIN do not show an active connection to the client.
The client appears in the Network Monitor screen but right clicking on
the client shows no IPX or IP connections.

Is it possible to run the VPN behind a firewall or does the BM server
have to have the valid IP address attributed to one of its NICs?
When I type ipconfig in windows, should there be more information than
the normal dial up connection info (IP, Mask, default gateway).

I have a static NAT address pointing to BM. BM has NAT running on the
Public card.

It looks like I am close but I'm not sure what else I can try.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.