Is there any news of Novell developing of a GW App (for Android or iOS)?
a native APP that allows GW access (vs some of the webaccess 'wrappers' that are out there)
Something developed at/by Novell using their inside knowledge of how GW works vs folks that have created apps that are using what webaccess gives them.

Cloud based email (ie Gmail enterprise) is apparently looking enticing to powers that be, and just a quick look at the pros (access to email from any device, and it is not just access but notification of new email) I can almost understand.

So I just had the flash of wondering why/if a GW app is in the works.

I know I am oversimplifying the prospect of a 'GW' app, there is a lot to GW (email, contacts, calendar, doc mngmnt, etc)
I just wondering about it.