using getFolderListRequest, and all the normal, personal, folders get
returned as IMAPFolder ?

This is in the XML returned from the server, here's a snippet from the XML
response for a couple of personal folders

<gwt:folder xmlns:xsi="" xsi:type="gwt:IMAPFolder">
<gwt:id>35373C8E.Norgren.GW5.100.1643576.1.B29.1@1 3</gwt:id>
<gwt:folder xmlns:xsi="" xsi:type="gwt:IMAPFolder">
<gwt:id>49883DF9.Norgren.GW5.100.1643576.1.BAD91.1 @13</gwt:id>
<gwt:name> ex Norgren</gwt:name>
<gwt:parent>35373C8E.Norgren.GW5.100.1643576.1.B29 .1@13</gwt:parent>

Shouldn't they be returned as normal folders ?

Also, RSS folders are listed fine in the XML, but again tagged as the
wrong type, shouldn't they be returned as type RSS ?

..view is set to fairly basic, just 'id sid name parent'

Cheers Dave

Dave Parkes [NSCS]
Occasionally resident at