I'm currently running ZCM 11, no SP1 yet and have created and deployed a WiFi Disable policy to my Windows laptops to turn off the WiFi radio when they are connected to the physical network. I have 2 users that regularly take their laptops and work from home that we have confirmed that when they turn the laptops back on away from the office that the policy still detects that they are on location, even though they are only connecting by WiFi to their home wireless.

My environment uses static IP addresses for the wired NIC cards, and my network environment is looking at the Gateway, and internal DNS servers on the Wired adapter to determine if they are on the wired network. The laptops we are having issues with are Dell Latitude e6400's running XP. We did find that our NIC and WiFi drivers were a little outdated and updated them and the policy worked correctly for a couple of weeks, but once again fell into thinking that while they were disconnected that they are still on the network.

To replicate the steps, we have the the computer sitting wired to the network when it gets shut down and removed from the network. After getting taken home the systems, turn the system back on, sign in under workstation only and when they get to the desktop they show that the WiFi is disabled. They can manually enable it but complain that it is a chore to do so. I've also found that by plugging in a network cable and then unplugging it triggers the disconnected event.

I haven't heard from any other users with the same model laptop having this issue, so am unsure if it is a problem with the entire model or how ZCM manages that version. Is there anything else that I can try to get this working better on these machines or do I just have to wait until I push out SP1?