I have discovered a very annoying bug with the VPN Client (3.8.9) that
relates to using integrated or internal modems under Windows XP (haven't
tried another OS).

Firstly, we install a lot of BorderManager and know the product pretty
well. I asked one of our Systems Engineers to set-up a lab to test this
problem and we've reproduced the problem we found at a client install.

Here is the set-up :

NetWare 6.5 SP3
BorderManager 3.8 SP3

We have noticed users reporting strange problems when using the VPN Client
with their laptops and a dial-up connection to an ISP. Typically, they
connect to the ISP okay and then are able to use Internet Explorer with no

They then start the VPN Client (it authenticates amd connects fine). But
you can't ping any private network addresses (i.e. protected network), the
policies all look fine by the way.

Disonnect the modem call to the ISP and then plug into a LAN which has a
permenant Internet connection, re-commect the VPN CLient and you can ping
private addresses no problem. We get exactly the same results with a
Desktop PC with an internal modem installed, connect via a LAN and it works

What is also interesting, if you connect an external modem to the Desktop
PC via COM1 and dial-up the ISP and re-run the VPN Client, that also works
with no problems...

A fix to this problem needs to be found pretty soon!