Greetings -

I am running Mobility v1.2 build 579 (with the patch that was released last week). We have around 240 users, and an attachment size of 500KB. Five 8.0.2 HP3 (build 92377) POAs running on Linux. Mobility is running as a VM session with 6GB RAM and dual vCPUs.

Over the past few weeks the mobility server has been getting progressively busier, to the point where using the administration interface times out and gives me errors. I have increased its vRAM, added a second vCPU, and purged 640,000 files from the .trashbin directory.

But the busy activity persists. This evening after a restart I checked the Mobility Connector MONITOR section, and found the following stats:

Sync Engine Events Pending Conversion by Connector 0
Sync Engine Events Failed in Conversion by Connector 5447
Connector Events Synchronized to Device 295106
Connector Events Not Synchronized to Device 5372511
Device Events Pending Send to Sync Engine 0
Device Events Sent to Sync Engine 6825
Device Events Failed in Send to Sync Engine 4212

The "connector events not synchronized to device" seems quite high. Could this be for devices that have been "off the air" for quite some time? I believe my users tend to connect devices to Mobility, then forget the sync was configured, leading to "orphan" entries in the device list. I have tried to clean some up, but because the administration interface is so slow, progress is also slow.

Anyone else see these sort of numbers from the Mobility connector?

Thanks for looking, or sharing whatever experiences you may have.