I'm having trouble resolving an error with a particular website. A HTTP 1.1 502 (bad gateway) error is received when browsing the site. Bizarrely though our failover proxy which has identical rules and proxy.cfg options works ok.

I've used PKTSCAN.NLM to acquire a trace for each server, which showed a HTTP 1.0 GET request on the problem server and a HTTP 1.1 GET request on the working proxy, which led me to believe it was a config issue. However the PROXY.CFG files in \ETC\PROXY\LOG\HTTP\COMMON show the same.

We've restarted the problem proxy and deleted and attempted to re download the site to cache with no change, the problem has resolved itself in the past for a few days then returned and not worked since. Firewall logs show all traffic is being allowed and Routing appears ok.

Has anyone any ideas on what I can do troubleshoot this further? I at least have a working backup proxy, but cannot switch between without pushing out registry changes and this seems silly being as it's just the 1 site causing this problem.