Here is my basic scenario:

I have BM3.8, sp3, and sp3-IR1. Also latest TCP NCIC Stack., Novell 6.5

BMEE is Master

Netgear FVS318's are slaves.

Each netgear is its own subnet "C" (mask

I had gotten about 8 of these to work simultaneously, no problems.
Now, only a select few are working properly. It seems that in some cases BMEE believes it is set for either a different encrypt than the remotes. Csaudit shows messages about His:3DES, Mine:DES. Even though nothing in my BMEE system is setup for DES. I have deleted the slaves and master and re-created. Same problem with 5 of my 8 locations. All are DSL with Static IP.
There is also messages in Csaudit about Hash Cookies not matching. Anyone know how to erase/fix/ make the system reset these? Most of the problems seem to happen with "Quick mode Neg".
All of my remotes use PFS, Main mode, 3DES, MD5, Pre-shared key.
all slaves are setup same. each subnet is defined as a protected network.
Was working.. (head now hurts )....

Craig - I own your book so if there is a specific place to look, let me know.

- I had it working but now its HOZED.. :)

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