BM3.8.3_ir1 on NW6.5.3, Client-2-Site VPN
NAT "in front" of the BM through a DSL router. The DSL router's pubIP =
IP for BM's VPN configuration.

bm3xVPN8.exe client on Win2000SP4 or WinXPSP1, tried both, direct
internet connection (dialin to an ISP) or through our BM3.6 server (NAT
on pubIP), no difference.

*ONLY* when I specify *VALID* User/Context/Password, I get that error:

Authentication Gateway failed to verify entered parameters
Format error reported by authentication gateway

If I specify *wrong* user / and-or / context / and-or / PWD, I get the
usual error messages.

What do I miss?

Regards, Rudi.