Our network has been using a directive bundle to shutdown our pc's for over a year now and it had worked quite well up until a couple of weeks ago.

At that point I added an additional requirement to keep it from shutting down a pc on our network, since then the pc's are no longer turning off as they had.

The action is set to shutdown the pc's after 900 seconds(15 minutes) and gives the user the option to cancel. The bundle is associated to 4 different workstation groups. The schedule for each association is set to "recurring" and has both the Distribution Schedule and the Launch Schedule set for 6:45pm M,T,W,T,F.

I originally tried to edit the bundle back to its original state by removing the requirement I had added, they still didn't shut down.

Then I rebooted the ZEN server(10.1.1) in case a service or something had been stopped or affected.

The bundle appears on all the clients under the "assigned bundles" in the agent and shows it is available and effective.

Yet the pc's still do not power off... any ideas?