We have a Netware server 6.5 SP7 with CA Arcserve r11 SP3 with all latest patches applied from Arcserve website (TAPESVR is on build 992.006 11 March 2008)

Attached a HP 1760 external SCSI LTO 4 tape drive with FW level W54D (latest recommended by HP ) and this is shown in the Arcserve compatibility list .

Arcserve loads fine without any errors as before . No NWTAPE.CDM
The drive is registered with HP Ultrium1760 DRV .

I can format cartridges and perform Tapeserve tests to write and compare 5 times 10 MB lots of data .
I cannot do a backup of the server . I cannot do restore either.
The backup process starts and writes the NDS with 448 KB and then hangs on a SCSI command called Write 262,144 Bytes , counting down the performance rate and after about 6 minutes terminates with an error E6033.

Tape server log reports an error :
25 Oct 23:40:08 [1430]SCSI-ID 3: (SCSI WRITE)
25 Oct 23:40:08 [1430] (05) *** Illegal Request ***
25 Oct 23:40:08 [1430] CCB.cdb[] = 0a 01 00 00 04 00
25 Oct 23:40:08 [1430] E6033 Invalid field in CCB (24 00)
25 Oct 23:40:08 [1430] E6092 Fatal - Uncorrectable error - Software Error

The same error is reported when trying to read a tape.

We have recycled the server and can run a SBCON backup which went through fine which would indicate that the SCSI controller and the device are likely OK .
CA have discontinued support for Arcserve for Netware .

Have applied TSA5UP24

Is anybody else using HP LTO4 Ultrium 1760 SCSI drives on Netware servers ?