I have problem with C2sVPN authentication.
After setting Authentication for some people, my vpn server answer me "
Failed receiving server DH public value" in vpn monitoring I can see error
"VPN ACLCheck could not find a match in configured Authentication Rule List.
Authentication failed for user: L " . For all users working fine.
This happend in the tree with servers Netware 6.0 SP5 and 6.5 SP3. Border
Manager is 3.8 SP3 and BM38SP3_ir1. The same server in seperate tree is
working fine, after connecting to production tree it generate connecting
error. No metter, if I connect new server to production tree or move working
server from its own tree.
Server is installed in the following way:
NW65 + SP3 + BM3.8 + SP3 + ir1.
Please give me some advice to resolve that problem.