I have Installed the Following all on the Same Server: Goal is to have a new Groupwise Mail Server.

Windows 2008 Server Standard With SP2
Novell Edirectory 8.8 SP6
Console1 1.3.6h
Novell Client 2 SP1
Groupwise 8.0

When I login to Windows Server , Login Ok, Next Prompt to Login to Novell Network. I enter my "admin" account credentials and then my windows 2008 Desktop opens.
Next I Launch Console 1. I am now propted to enter the path for the Domain Database "Doamin Path" I brose for or enter my Path on this Servers to the able to see the wpdomain.db I use the same path that I chose when I installed Groupwise.

I find the exact file in my case I used C:\gwdata\ and I can see several folders in this path as well as the wpdomain.db file. I select it and choose "open" and click

First Problem: I get Error: " Failed trying to open Domain c:\GWDATA\ " At thsi point my only Option is "CLOSE" so I Click on The "Close" button.

Now Console1 Opens and I can see all of my NDS and Security Option Populated. I also see my " Groupwise System" Domain Icons, however if I click on it the message in lower right corner says

Second Problem: "No Groupwise Domain Connection" All my option on the tools menu are Greyed out except for "Select Domain" which only prompts me for the path to DB again....

What am I doing wrong here. Am I missing any components?