Not getting much progress trying to install the 11.1a Agent update.

We have an 11.1 zone upgraded from 10.3.3. 2 primaries at 11.1. Workstations are a mix of 11.1 and 10.3.3.

I can download the 11.1a update. When I try to deploy it says "Can not authorize without the ZENworks Update (11.1)".

Well, the directions told me to delete that update before I started. TID7009257.

Ok, so I copied the 11.1 iso onto the server and mount it: mount -o loop ZENworks11sp1.iso /mnt/ISO
Then I do a zman sui /mnt/ISO/Common

It says "Update will begin to import please check ZCC to follow progress..."

Nothing Happens. Never shows in the System Update list.

So I download and do the same thing for the 11.1a ISO. Same result; never shows in the update list.

Any Ideas?