I have 2 nw65sp3 servers with bm38sp3(ir1).
The master server is in our central office. Now I have a little office with
dsl connection (fixed IP).
I have a NetGear RP614v3 dsl router.
I configurred the VPN slave server (DSL public IP is the server address)
and the S2S rule (created the tros...).
I put the slave server into the DMZ of the router. I can connect to it via
ssh (from other site), but it looks like the master server can't reach the
slave. In the RM/VPN Monitoring/Activity it looks like to try to estabilih
IP connection. In RM/.../Real time monitor there is the connection (IKE)
without any packet (0)!
In the master servers IKE screen I receive this message:
"2005.5.31 16.09.58 Retransmit timer expired :Peer lost our reply
retransmit the old packet to