We've been struggling to figure out why our patch management system does not have the latest patches from Microsoft and it looks like the patch management scans coming from our client machines are empty. They show up in the patchlink folder on our collections server for about 2 seconds and then they disappear. I have installed the Patch Management Server Update 1 on all of our primary ZCM servers and I have installed the Patch Management Agent Update 2 on all of our client machines. We are running ZCM 10.3.3. I have been sending log files to Shaun, but we can't seem to find anything in the logs. The DAU's are running and finishing, but the scan are 0 KB. There are no files in the Patchlink folder on our collection server. The patches do appear on our Patch Managment server as a .pls file located in the signatures folder. Does anyone have any idea why the patch scans would report as 0 KB and get deleted right away from the Patchlink folder? Thanks for any help or guidance.