at my NW 6.0 SP5 BM 3.8 latest Patches Server, iManager 2.0.2 I have some
One of the problem is that Im unable to see at
iManager/NBM-VPN-Configuration/NBM-VPN-Serverconfiguration a configured VPN
Server (but the server is configured).
If I remove the "VpnServerAuxClass" at the Serverobject Im able to
configure a new VPN Server.
After I do so Im unable to find the server again. So Im unable to
add/remove C2S or similar after the first configuration.

Now my idea is to remove all the VPN stuff and start from the scratch. I had
to avoid to touch the BM Proxy stuff!

My questions:
1) how to remove all the VPN configuration. Is it enough to delete the
objects (C2S Container, S2S Container, the VpnServerAuxClass at the server
object) and the certificate container? Or something else?

2) why does this happen that the configured server isnt displayed after the
first configuration task?
How to prevent it that it happens again?

Thanks for your help