I was wondering if I can go ahead and just reapply ZCM 11 sp1a.

I had issues installing this in that it seemed to jump to updating packages
100% and just sat there for over an hour. Whether it was hung or not I
couldn't be sure but nothing seemed to be happening for a long time. I
tried to kill the install but then it seemed to just sit for ever cancelling
installation so in the end I killed the app (on Windows 2008).

I then started the installation again, was prompted that the server was
already upgraded did I want to continue. I answered yes and it seemed carry
on almost form where I killed it. I upgraded packages several times with
several dos windows popping up. On the ones that waited for a prompt as to
whether I wanted to terminate a batch job I responded "no"

In the end it said that the update was successful. Things look ok but I
didn't see it do anything with bundles.

Being the doubting Thomas that I am I was wondering if it would do any harm/
or good to re install sp1a.
All I know for sure is that this didn't go as smoothly on my production
system as it did on my test system. I am fairly sure in the test system I
saw something about updating bundles but not on the production system. Was
I dreaming?