Recently I've been having packet loss on our VPN. Our servers are running NW
6.5 SP3 with Bordermanager 3.8. We have one master site and two slaves
connecting to it. What I noticed is that connectivity sensitive applications
disconnect randomly.

So I ran a simple test. I started an endless pinging session between hosts
on the protected networks. The results were about 9% ping loss. Then, I
started to ping only the VPN network's IP addresses for the VPN tunnel
driver. The loss is still there.

My first suspicion was the physical link, so I started a pinging session
between servers that are outside of the VPN, but still on the same
connection, and there was no loss of packets.

I don't see any errors on the BM logs in Remote Manager on either sides. I
looked at the NIC card drivers for packet discarded problems, but I am not
sure what is considered too big of a loss there.

Unfortunately, here is where my knowledge stops. I need some help how to
continue from here...

Thank you