I've been working at this for a while now, and I can't seem to make any
headway, regardless of what I try. I know it was an issue in previous
client versions, but I've been using exclusively IR9a, and I'm getting the
same issues.

My issue is with the "Last Logged In User" displaying on the login screen.
No matter what we try, it always tends to show the last logged in user.
We've disabled it in the Novell client properties. We've tried tricks with
default profiles (like you needed to do with XP). On Windows 7, we set the
options using nciman, and then the client is installed with those options
during a build process. On Windows 2008 R2 (with Terminal Services turned
on), we're also getting the same problem. The last logged on user is ALWAYS
displayed. We've even went through and verified that the settings are
correct in the Windows group policy.

Am I missing something? Is there a trick to this? Or, has a known issue
come back again?