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Thread: Moving to a new Primary Server, Certificate Question

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    Moving to a new Primary Server, Certificate Question

    I'm currently in the process of moving to a new Primary Server. I'm following section 11.1 of the ZENworks 10 Configuration Management System Administrator Reference. Step 4 instructs me to take a backup of the Certificate Authority on the first Primary Server, then restore that to the second Primary, removing the CA role from the first Primary in the process.

    My question is, what exactly does this do? I'm a little leery of this step as I don't want to hose the trust relationship with my client installs.

    Currently the second Primary's certificate is signed by the first Primary, what does moving/restoring do to affect the secondary's certificate? Do I have to keep a DNS entry for my first Primary for cert lookup?

    I should add that I'm looking to decommission my first Primary once things are moved.

    I apologize for sounding ignorant, it's just that I am ignorant on this topic, and I'm trying to be cautious.
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